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Safety and Security

Safety and Security being our top priority
Continue the remaining text such as Activities undertaken by us, Training programs related to Safety & Security etc.,

Activities undertaken by us:

Full access control, security monitoring & panic alarm at the vital areas in the cargo terminal
Extensive CCTV coverage is provided round the clock in the cargo terminal with 75 CCTV cameras positioned to cover all the important areas both inside and outside of the cargo terminal.
Risk assessment
Cargo Screening
Conducting safety & security related training programs
Detection of undeclared dangerous goods
Providing tight security measures at all the access gates of the terminal
Emergency Response

Training programs related to Safety & Security:

We conduct the following safety & security related trainings to our staff on regular basis for smoother, safe and effective operations Bomb Threat training
Forklift safety training
Safety & Fire drill
Induction training
Dangerous goods awareness training
First Aid training
Basic DGR courses

Security Measures:

X-ray Machines:

CCTV cameras:

Explosive and Narcotic Detector: