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Import Handling Procedures
Step 1
GACAEL receives manifest data from customs or airlines before flight arrival
Warehouse staff receives Documents & Cargo from the ground handler. He will ensure the declared and arrivals
   based on the manifest message. Pallet level reconciliation will take place based on manifest data.
Barcode label is attached to the pallet and it is mapped with manifest data in HERMES.
Then pallet will be sent to lift and run system
Documents will be updated by CSO on the basis of Manifest & AWB
Step 2
After completion of documents updation warehouse coordinator calls pallet in to break down area from lift and   run   system
Opens the pallet and identify all Pcs in the consignment, tallies with Awb details in handheld devices and places      all the Pcs of the consignment on the crate. If consignment contains more Pcs, it will be formed into more than      one
After the above process the consignment is moved to applicable storage location. Location code will be scanned   by the Hand held detector/Bar code scanner unit and will be updated into HERMES.
Once flight finalized, system triggers a segregation & location message to Customs and Airlines. Any   discrepancy/damage will be recorded and informed to concerned airlines. Documents received by airside   reception team will be handed to Airlines
Step 3
Receive Bill of entry message from Customs to HERMES Data base
CHA approach reception for issue of examination ticket based on which warehouse team move consignment   into   customs examination area.
Request is updated in Hermes, consignment /part of consignment is moved to customs examination
After examination consignment will be moved to original location and placed with the parent consignment.
Step 4
Receive pass out message from customs to HERMES.
CHA approaches reception for gate pass generation (VCT-Vehicle Control Ticket) to clear the cargo after    completing all the customs formalities
CSO receives hardcopy of customs out of charge along with airlines DO/Consol DO, Awb copy from CHA &   prepare gate pass after collecting all the necessary charges
As soon as VCT generated, HERMES assigns a token number to the CHA's Vehicle and the same number will be   internally forwarded to HERMES call forwarding system. Call forwarding system assign appropriate door and   maintain vehicle queue
Step 5
CHA parks his vehicle at import loading bay as per his turn/token number displayed on call forwarding board
Warehouse staff accepts VCT from CHA, scan ticket to retrieve VCT information in his handheld and accordingly   cargo will be moved from storage location to the doors and delivered and updated in HERMES, acknowledgement   obtained from CHA/Consignee