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Unaccompanied Baggage Clerance
Approach the Airline for collecting the Delivery Order.
Proceed to the Unaccompanied Bagage section of Customs at International Import Terminal
Fill the baggage declaration form.
Customs will order for Examination of the Cargo.
Approach GACAEL Counters for collecting the Examination Ticket
Handover the Examination Ticket to the Warehouse Staff for placing cargo at Examination Area.
Customs will examine the cargo and ascertain the duty to be paid if any and will issue Duty Challan for payment.
Pay duty at the State Bank of Hyderabad located opposite to GACAEL Counters.
On payment of duty, Customs will issue Out of Charge Order.
Produce the Out of Charge Order, Original Delivery Order copy to GACAEL Counters and collect the VCT after    payment of Terminal Charges.
Handover the VCT to Warehouse Staff for collecting the consignment.
Release Note to be signed as a token of acknowledgment and cargo can be collected.
Please Contact in case of difficulty:
Manager –Terminal Operations
GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo